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Why did God make bed bugs?

Haven't we all wondered why God created bedbugs? We may never know, until we get to the other side. It's possible that they are necessary for the ecosystem in some way. I've also thought it might be that science will use them in a lab where pathogens need to be injected into an insect full of blood in order that researchers can find cures for diseases. I also believe that we have adversity and pain here because if we didn't, we would already be in Heaven.

Recently, I learned about a lady and her child that believe bedbugs saved her life. How is that possible? She said she had a thing about always sleeping in her own bed and would never stay overnight with friends or family. Once her daughter brought bed bugs home from another friend on the bus (they believed), she decided she had to stay at her mom's until the exterminator treated her place (with chemicals). That very night a fire broke out beneath her unit. Someone left spaghetti on the stove and fell asleep. The fire was so intense that her unit was destroyed. She credits these bedbugs as a part of saving her and her child's life. Coincidence or not, it's her story of survival. Speaking of apartments burning down, be sure if you plan to have your place Heat Treated for Bed Bugs that you use a reputable company with current insurance. The only thing worse than having bed bugs is having all the sprinklers in your unit go off from intense heat and flooding everyone below you. Or the opposite happens and the heat tech cranks it so high that something catches on fire.

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