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Where to look for bed bugs

Calling these insects bedbugs is kind of misleading because most people hear the word and believe bed bugs are only on their bed, mattress or frame. They go through the house and throw away every family member's bed, only to find out they still have bed bugs. Of course they do get on the beds, but just like roaches they will spread out to all corners and hiding areas of a home. I'll never forget the time a guy called to inquire about how to kill bed bugs. We explained our process, the pricing andbthe preparation he would need to do to have us treat his place. He opted to treat them himself. After nearly a year he called back saying he was ready to hire us. When we showed up at his home, he literally had nothing in it. He had thrown away everything, including pulling the carpet and padding off his floors. He had a new camping cot in the middle of the room and said he couldn't understand how he was still getting bit. I walked over to the window and showed him that both windows and baseboards had cracks and the bedbugs were nesting in them. He was literally ready to tear off the baseboards, but we assured him this wouldn't stop them, but our professional treatment would. He left, agonizing over it, but in the end he was so thankful that we killed the bedbugs and he could get back to living a normal life. This guy spend 4x what he should have because he had to replace so many things qnd he lost so much time from work. It really was a unique case as most people never go to such extreme measures. Definitely one I'll never forget!

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I was called to a couples home and they had told me they had a well known company spray for bedbugs. I entered the home and immediately saw two bedbugs walking on beds and a couch and it was daylight.

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