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I read a story this evening while having my devotion. If one thing knocked this poor man down, 20 more were to follow. On top of everything going on in his life, he also has Bed Bugs. I prayed for this man as I was reading his story. He lives in Philadelphia and I live in Tupelo, Mississippi. I felt so badly for him, that if I had a way up there, I would have eradicated his Bed bugs for free. Bed Bugs are just a major headache when you've lost your job, due to being in the hospital so long, and you've lost your car because you're unable to pay your car note, due to your illness. His roommate moved out on him, leaving him to pay all the rent, he threw out his bed, couch and other furniture, trying to get rid of the Bed Bugs, just to realize he still has them. I will pray for this man, and if God provides a way for me to go solve one of his problems, I will be glad to do it.

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I was called to a couples home and they had told me they had a well known company spray for bedbugs. I entered the home and immediately saw two bedbugs walking on beds and a couch and it was daylight.

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