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Is this a bed bug?

You found a bug. It's on your pillow or nightstand. You are scared and wondering what kind of bug is this? I can tell you there is a quick field test to identify if you have a bed bug or not, but first, you must take a clear picture of it because you are about to smash it. When you kill it, use your fingernail to be sure you severe it in half, otherwise you may not kill it. Did RED BLOOD pop out of it or a dark-red inky substance? If it did then you know there are only a few bugs that have bright red blood pop out. A mosquito, a tick and a bed bug. Is the bug oval shaped with a tiny triangular head? Six legs? Does the back of the oval shell have little lines going across it, like lined writing paper? If so, you have a bed bug. Understand that it is easier to identify a juvenile or an adult bed bug over a newly hatched, translucent baby bug. Once that baby bug takes it

s first blood meal, it will turn pinkish-red, as it feeds again later in the week, it will get a shade darker, until it reaches full adult instar-5 and will resemble the color and shape of an apple seed. If you still are sure, take that picture you took and share it with a Pest Control Operator that actually has experience treating for bed bugs.

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