I was called to a couples home and they had told me they had a well known company spray for bedbugs. I entered the home and immediately saw two bedbugs walking on beds and a couch and it was daylight. The couple told me they spent all of their money on the high priced reputable company. I was apprehensive at first but I couldn't allow this couple to suffer any longer. I sprayed their home at a discounted rate and have even allowed them to make payments to me. I was very pleased when the wife called me a couple of weeks later to let me know that she hadn't been bitten anymore. She also told me she has not seen any bugs since I sprayed her home. I am going back two more times to spray for good measure. I don't want to find that some of the bedbugs went into a hibernation period to avoid the spray. I am giving them time to resurface if there are any left at all. I will go back two more times to makes sure none of the bedbugs have lingered behind. It feels so good and like a blessing to help people who are suffering from bedbugs. If you need my services, don't hesitate to write and leave a message for me on this bedbug website.


Paige Kennedy

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I got a couch from someone . We desperately needed one come to find out there's bed bugs galore in the couch, eggs, babies, adults , my kids were breaking out in hives thankfully my husband at the tim