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How to treat your luggage so bed bugs don't go with you

If you have recently stayed in a place where you came into contact with bedbugs and you had luggage or a purse with you, you need to know how to prevent bedbugs from hitching a ride back to your house. If you are lucky enough to have a duffle bag, just bag it in a good garbage sack, place in the trunk of your car and go home. When you take it out, you can stick it straight into your attic if it's a hot summer day. This also works for suitcases. If it isn't summertime, then you will want to go to a laundry mat and unzip it in the parking lot. Take your clothes inside and wash and dry on high heat. Clothes must come to a dry state and then heat an extra 20 minutes to kill bugs and eggs. If you have a duffle bag, place it into the dryer and heat it for 20 minutes. If you have an actual suitcase, I recommend spraying it with 91% rubbing alcohol, especially around the zippers, then place it in a clean strong garbage bag and cinch it up for around 7 months to be sure and protect your home from bed bugs. You should also inspect your shoes before departing the hotel and if unsure, you can always spray them down with 91% rubbing alcohol. Purses should be inspected along edges, creases and zippers. If possible, empty contents and run it thru the dryer. If it's leather, you may want to bag it and wait a few months before using it. I work in bed bugs every day and have never brought them home, though it is possible that I may have an accident someday

, but the point is, that you can use caution and often avoid any bed bugs hitching a ride with you.

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