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How to Not get Bedbugs

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

So, you stayed at a hotel and before leaving you discovered the small brown bugs crawling on your sheet were bed bugs. You reported it to the manager who may or may not have taken the report seriously. Request that the hotel run your clothes in a hot dryer or dryclean (chemicals/heat will sterilize your dry cleaning items), spray your luggage, especially the zippered areas with 91% Rubbing alcohol or use a hot hairdryer if it's a smaller bag. Spray your shoes down with the alcohol or place in a dryer if possible. Do the same with briefcase or purse, especially if it was on the bed or in the area of the bed bug nest (harborage). Once home place a strong garbage bag over your luggage, sinch it up and leave in trunk of hot car or place in attic. if summertime temperatures get extremely hot and you can remove after a few days. If it's winter, just keep luggage bagged and in the garage until you have time to carefully look it over with a bright light. Reheating clothes and respraying items will help ensure you do not bring bedbugs into your home.

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