Bedbug Nightmare

Updated: Jul 21

I'll never disclose names or addresses, but stories I will tell. I recall, walking into a trailer and the bedbug infestation was so bad, one of the bedroom walls looked like it actually moved. It had actually turned black from bed bug poop dripping down the wall. Bed bugs were walking across the door frames and in every room, including the bathrooms. The owner had the place Heat treated a few years back, but it had failed, due to loose windows and paneled walls. He just didn't have the resources to heat it again and then have chemicals put down in cold spots by windows. I don't always wear my coveralls and shoe coverings, but that day I sweated like a pig, covered from head to toe with protective gear. I treated it and returned in 3 weeks to treat for any eggs that had hatched. I had to go back a total of 4 times, but in the end we had success. The guy was extremely grateful as other companies had turned down the job.

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I was called to a couples home and they had told me they had a well known company spray for bedbugs. I entered the home and immediately saw two bedbugs walking on beds and a couch and it was daylight.

I got a couch from someone . We desperately needed one come to find out there's bed bugs galore in the couch, eggs, babies, adults , my kids were breaking out in hives thankfully my husband at the tim