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Bedbug Infestations

Bedbugs, if you see what looks like these pictures in your home, and you have unexplained bites on you, then you may have a structural bedbug infestation. Message me, Paige Kennedy at or call at 662-891-7432 for a quote today. Also, we take payment's, so you can breathe and live pest free.

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I read a story this evening while having my devotion. If one thing knocked this poor man down, 20 more were to follow. On top of everything going on in his life, he also has Bed Bugs. I prayed for thi

I was called to a couples home and they had told me they had a well known company spray for bedbugs. I entered the home and immediately saw two bedbugs walking on beds and a couch and it was daylight.

I got a couch from someone . We desperately needed one come to find out there's bed bugs galore in the couch, eggs, babies, adults , my kids were breaking out in hives thankfully my husband at the tim

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